How YES changed my life

Road trip through England.

Road trip through England

Amazing things happen when you slow down life.

Even more amazing things happen when you just say “Yes” to things.

I received Danny Wallace’s “Yes Man” as a Christmas present six years ago. I started reading it with no expectation but to be entertained. Boy, was I wrong.  It triggered an avalanche of yeses inside me that I did not know were dying to be heard.

It made me say YES to taking a 9-month sabbatical from work to fulfill my lifelong dream of traveling solo around the world.

It made me say YES to go to England, which was not on my list of MUST SEE European destinations.

It made me say YES to a road trip with a guy friend, without asking what our sleeping arrangements would be.

This is what happens when you don't ask questions before hitting the road.

This is what happens when you don’t ask questions before hitting the road.

There were some niggling “Nos” in the background that also wanted some airtime.

No! Are you nuts going on sabbatical – what if they give your job to someone else?  Solo travel? What if you get lost/mugged/raped all alone in a foreign country?

No! England? It’s bloody cold, the food sucks and it always rains.

No! Seriously, road trip with a guy who you sorta had something weird going on and you don’t ask about separate beds?  What if “something” happens?

I threw caution to the wind and just said YES!

What did YES lead me to:

1. The best solo trip ever with too many adventures to include in one post.  17 countries in 9 months.

2. The best road trip ever.  I fell in love with the English countryside, with historic Edinburgh and Wales (with the mystifying to understand Welsh accent).

3. Guy friend turns out to be Mr. Darcy.  I now call him hubby.

The open road

The promise of the open road

Lesson learnt.  Thanks Danny Wallace – I owe you a pint in a pub somewhere for helping free my YESes.  Maybe we can chat about how I also saw Bobby in Edinburgh.  I wasn’t fortunate enough to meet the Hypnodog though.

Bobby - forever waiting in Edinburgh.

Bobby – forever waiting in Edinburgh

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