Climbing out of the digital jungle


The irony is not lost on me that in choosing to have control over the content entering my head, I have created a blog that adds to the universal clutter.  But, I promise that I will be guided by the principle that what I put out into the world is something I would gladly have taken from somebody blogging somewhere else on this planet. Simple.

By way of hello, this blog is borne of an unexpected operation that forced me to slow down and be house-bound for a few weeks.  My window to the world has been the internet.  After only 2 days of being force-fed negative news, bad vibes on everyone’s Facebook timelines and being updated every milli-second of every bit of everyone’s lives, I realised that for my sanity, I had to screen what was coming in.  I either had to curate what I was reading or create something new, non-bandwagon-dish and refreshing.

Why “Freed From Matrix”?  This metaphor of unplugging from the matrix has come to me at various points in my life: unplugging from a dysfunctional relationship, unplugging from a toxic work environment, unplugging from mundane daily corporate life.  At this point in my life, being freed from the matrix means not being fed the same worldview as everyone else in my tribe belonging to the same timeline.  It means no spin doctors, no Wag the Dog.  It means tasting life, the real deal and choosing what I feed my mind.

If you have found this tiny space on the web. Welcome! I think we are kindred spirits, searching for a quiet space to think for ourselves.

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